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Meet Chelsea Jean!

October 15, 2020

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Hey friends, I’m Chelsea

I am the leader of this beautiful mess that’s Chelsea Jean Photo. I have a kick ass team that helps around here, but for the most part it’s me! When I show up to sessions, I’m going to be 63862% myself, jacked up on Redbull, weird and level 100. I’m an extrovert in its truest form. I vibe off YOU. And I’m 2w3 on the enneagram which is the most accurate score I’ve ever gotten on a test.

I live to serve people and I’ll bust my ass to make it happen. I love working hard and working hard to serve you- it bring so much joy to this crazy heart of mine. It’s beyond me that you guys dig it. I cuss a little more than I should, I talk a bit too real and I’m not exactly what you’d consider “professional.” Professional sounds so stuffy, & you won’t get that here. However, we will always have a hell of a good time!

I don’t shoot on weekends (unless you’re getting married) cause I have the worlds hottest husband, a family that doesn’t quit, 2 of the cutest pups and #ourlil632 that I’ll never quit fixing up. And these will always come first. Always.

I take pride in every single thing I do. I don’t believe in doing anything half ass. I love helping to a fault and I don’t take any of my relationships with friends or family lightly. Being a big sister is one of my favorite titles and I’m protective of all 3.

If I have time off, you’ll find me with a Mich Golden in hand: at our garage bar that my dad built, at our cabin on Lake Thompson or at Anna Maria Island- all of which are my favorite places to be. I work hard and play harder. I became exactly who I am because of my mom and dad who have shown up, worked harder and given more than I could ever explain. They lead by example and it would be over my dead body that I let them down.

I’m a military wife, I do deployments and I have great pride in our country & our military so do not talk negative to me about either. I am a strong, capable and independent woman. I love sunshine. I love the way it feels on your face and the way it makes photos come alive. Dogs make my eyes water every single time and my voice is immediately weird whenever I see them and there’s no way I’ll pass one without pets and smooches.

I believe in the law of attraction and in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I think the secret to happiness is gratitude and I’ll never get tired of saying it. I can’t sing or dance, but I’ll most likely do both. I do not agree that “business is business” because this business is personal as hell for me. I will bend over backwards for anyone, but please don’t take advantage of this heart. My motto is and always will be “be kind” and you’ll hear me say it multiple times a day. I think that’s why I attract kind humans. My clients have been so wonderfully kind to me over the years.

I’m small town and simple. I believe the little things ARE the big things. My love language is words of affirmation all day long. I love early mornings getting after it, but I love late nights too. I’m motivated as hell and I can’t seem to get enough in a day. I love this job that has honestly never felt like a “job” at all. That must mean I’m in the right place.

I’m a lot. But I’m all about YOU. Let me know if you wanna hang.

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